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Autumn is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings—the first day of school all over again! It’s good to feel you have the confidence to go anywhere and do anything and, like back then—you probably want to feel your best!

And while makeup is empowering—(a Harvard study shows that it can boost confidence and self-esteem), it’s best to choose the products that work with your complexion and features to give your perfect look, have staying power, and boost anything you feel needs a boost.

Some products are definitely for teen skin in the first blush— on other complexions, they may settle into lines and wrinkles. Or draw attention to bags under the eyes or lip lines (who, me?).

Call for a personalized outline of what’s best for your complexion. I’m not holding any in-person workshops yet (and I am still back and forth on set).

But I am open for in-person sessions as well as FaceTime/ and Zoom appointments should you feel the need Deborah

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In the meantime, the online shop is always open.

Please let Deborah or Lise know if you’d like FaceTime, Zoom/Skype, etc., sessions.

Makeup for Zoom Meetings?

If meetings are remote, makeup will help with various lighting situations so that you look and feel your best! And if life is face-to-face and you want to look your best,  call or contact for in-person or online appointments to refresh your look for for a makeup makeover!

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