book-is-outI’m extremely excited to announce that my new book – The grace Factor How to look & feel your best in the new Midlife! Makeup techniques for the woman over 50 – has hit the shelves! It has been my dream for a number of years to be able to share my expertise with as many women as possible through a book, and now my dream is coming true.

My passion for helping women in midlife derives from my own experiences, trials and challenges, both good and bad, as I entered my mid-life. There is no escaping it – as we age, our physiology changes. For instance, the tone of our skin is likely to change, our hair grays, and we develop wrinkles and lines where there were none before. This is all part of the beauty of aging, but often women ignore this in terms of their makeup routines. They do not equate one with having to change, or adjust, the other. Aging gracefully is about embracing and embellishing, not hiding, and I love to help women do this with the help of makeup. It’s also about helping women express their beauty from the inside out – this is my philosophy, and serves as the introduction to my book.

With an introduction by renowned Jane Iredale, I seek to help women over 50 “face the mirror and life’s challenges with the confidence of their younger selves.” My comprehensive, 100-page grace Makeup application book explores my unique colour philosophy: makeup always starts from colour analysis. Of course, colour analysis goes far beyond makeup into hair colour, accessories and clothing (check back in a few weeks for more blog posts on this subject!), but it is absolutely essential when talking about makeup. In fact, I’ve dedicated an entire chapter to it! When you know your colouring, it is far easier to choose the perfect shades and undertones to highlight your best features. Colour philosophy makes choice easy, and takes makeup beyond the superficial.

Not only do I touch upon philosophy in my book, but I also cover very practical techniques and insights that you can start using right away, such as my chapter on the anatomy of lips as well as going into depth on concealer and foundation. The purpose of this book-publishedbook is to really cover all aspects of makeup as it relates to the woman in mid-life. My hope is that it helps to instill confidence, joy and intrigue in my readers. I wrote this book for you, all the women that inspire me, and I cannot wait to share the final product with you!

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