“The GRACE Factor” shares expertise built over more than 20 years behind the scenes as a makeup artist helping celebrities look great on TV and film. Understanding what works with on-camera personalities led naturally to helping private clients adapt to changing times and needs and the founding of GRACE Makeup for Midlife.

With Introduction by Jane Iredale

Women of a certain age (i.e. middle!) will learn how to look their very best from the comfort of their own makeup table with The GRACE Factor.

Featured is an introduction by Jane Iredale, the powerhouse founder and president of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, which was established in 1994 to provide safe makeup products with integrity.

Makeup can date you, adding years to your age—or it can help you seem a great deal younger. Keep current—stay fresh with GRACE

Deb Williams -Grace Makeup for Midlife

“I wanted to include the tips and tricks and guidance that I pass on when I’m doing a makeup treatment to women who can’t come into my studio for a session. I hope it helps you feel wonderful!”

“Deborah has written a guide to makeup that includes the best tools for application, how to work with the shape of your face and the shape of your eyes, what products work the best for different skin types, and how to celebrate your age…

“You will come away with knowledge that will help you be the best you can be.”

Jane Iredale, Founder & President of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

Deborah Williams on The GRACE Factor

Deborah specializes in enabling women to feel confident, fabulous, and secure with a look that matches personality, ideal colors, and lifestyle. Uncover, enhance, and embrace you!

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“Very excited to purchase these as gifts! Congratulations!”
Jeannette Taylor

“I applaud the fact that Deborah roots her makeup techniques for the woman over 50 in the total context of aging gracefully – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I appreciate her emphasis on uncovering and accentuating individual beauty – not masking or disguising it but simply bringing out and enhancing what is naturally there. Her encouragement to appreciate what we have, and be the best we can be, is a welcome invitation to embrace the gift of aging with grace, confidence, and peace of mind.”
M J Fenton

how to do makeup right

The how-to-do-it-right advice is the culmination of 25 years of experience of doing on camera makeup as a screen and TV makeup specialist, plus a decade of working with personal and celebrity clients in the Grace Studio— home to so many amazing transformations.

It’s not about anti-aging. It’s about aging gracefully.

With this handy 100-page DIY guide that includes hundreds of makeup tips based on my experience with before the camera makeup plus personal and celebrity clients…I seek to help women over 50 face the mirror (and life’s challenges!) with the confidence of their younger selves.

It really covers all aspects of makeup as it relates to women in midlife. My hope is that it helps to instill confidence and joy in my readers. I wrote this book for you, all the women who inspire me, and I cannot wait to share the final product with you!

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