0010As this is my first blog post for grace Makeup, I’d first like to start by introducing myself, and then explain why I do what I do.

My name is Deborah Williams. grace Makeup for Midlife was founded in 2006, after many years working with television and movie actors. I trained in the wig and makeup program at the Canadian Opera Company, where I gained invaluable skills that have since expanded and developed to other areas of makeup artistry. My clients include the likes of Kelly McGillis, Helena Bonham, Margot Kidder, Leonard Cohen, Graham Greene, and Omar Sharif. I am a consultant at Corporate Class Inc., a firm providing training in Executive Presence. Most of all, I love bringing out the best in women with my talents. I work out of my home studio, with my trusty “studio cats” by my side, Tilly and Rupert, who are both Rex cats.

I continue to work in the television industry including CBC, Global & other stations.

So why grace Makeup for Midlife? Well, it’s rather simple. Grace is meant to represent gracious, an attribute I believe we develop as we age. Over the course of adulthood, the tone of our skin is likely to change, as is the texture of our hair, and we develop wrinkles where there weren’t any before! We may not be happy about it, but aging is a reality.  And although we might think that we are gaining only wrinkles and grey hair, because that’s what we see in the mirror, aging gives us more than than.   We simply have to uncover the elegance and style, the beauty and the grace it gives us.  I founded grace Makeup because I want to help you learn to bring out the “best you” at whatever stage you are in in your midlife.

Despite the inevitable physical changes, many women continue to apply makeup as they have their whole lives (or avoid makeup altogether). This is a problem! Our skin and colouring change, so doesn’t it seem natural that the way we put on makeup should change as well? If you find it difficult to know what changes to make let grace Makeup help you.

More often than not, women find that they feel better when they wear even the smallest amount of makeup – it’s uplifting, and that certainly shines through. In addition, a Harvard study has shown that women who wear makeup (even a very small amount) are more confident, and are viewed by others as more competent, intelligent, likeable and trustworthy. That is “why makeup”.

At grace, we know that when you look your best, you feel confident. When you’re confident, you glow and command presence wherever you go.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first post – we are very excited about the new blog! Tune in next week for our next post.