It was long thought that a person’s “coloring” remained the same their entire lives. Once a Spring, always a Spring. That myth has been debunked. We now know that a person’s coloring does in fact change with time, beginning in midlife.

How and why does our coloring change?

There are a number of reasons why our coloring begins to change in our midlife. Firstly, and most crucial, our skin tone begins to change. Not only do we develop sun spots and wrinkles, but the color of our undertone changes as well. Depending on the person, the undertone can either become cooler, or warmer, although it is typical for the skin to become cooler. This is the most telling sign of a person’s changing coloration.

Other ways that our coloring changes in midlife can be seen in our eyes – they often lose their intensity and color. We’re not talking about a green eye going grey, but rather a green eye dulling in hue. Also, our hair naturally greys, exhibiting another loss of color. Yes, grey hair can be dyed, but there’s not much to be done about a changing undertone of the skin!

Queen Elizabeth

queenQueen Elizabeth is the perfect example of someone’s colors changing over time. When she was young, the Queen had rich auburn hair and bright blue eyes; she was “Warm,” Clear, and Bright (or a Clear Spring). Over time and especially approaching her midlife, her hair began to grey, her eyes paled, and she lost her once high contrast between her skin and hair color. Her skin has also “greyed” significantly and she’s lost some warmth in her skin. Due to this changing coloration, she no longer looks excellent in the bright colours she used to wear when she was young, but rather has switched to a more “Cool and Muted” wardrobe.

What does this mean for you?

Your changing coloration shouldn’t concern you or make you self-conscious. It is something that happens naturally over time, and can be boosted by wearing the right makeup. Many women fail to ignore this changing coloration, however, and continue to use the same makeup in the same colors that they have their whole life. Just like wearing the wrong colors clothing-wise, wearing the wrong colors make-up wise can make you look off, tired, and not your graceful self.

Don’t worry – that’s where I come in!  As a specialist in makeup for midlife (and as someone who is very interested in color analysis), I can certainly help you overcome this obstacle! Stay-tuned!