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What is « grace ? »
Let's face it.
We're all getting older.
But that doesn't mean we
have to stop looking amazing!
We just have to think differently:

  • about how we make ourselves up.
  • about the colors we wear
  • and about how to make our best impression
The Grace Factor

I canít make you beautiful in the way you were when you were younger. I canít make you young. But I can help you appreciate what you have. I can make the most of what you have. Try these simple techniques and you will never go back to your old ways. Every woman will find a WOW moment in the grace Factor. Enjoy the grace Factor it will change the way you look at yourself and the way you make yourself up!

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Deborah Williams, a professional makeup artist with 20 years experience making up film and TV stars, teaches and applies simple makeup tips and techniques to add beauty as you age.


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CTV Your Morning Deb WilliamsThe do's and don'ts of applying makeup in your 50s

CTV December 21, 2016
Your Morning | Makeup techniques for women over 50

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Face midlife with the confidence of people who face the public for a living

Deborah trained at the Cdn Opera Company and still fluffs her brushes over household names to make them look wonderful for the camera. Now you can put her skills and tricks to work to help you look your best every day. Learn how to make the most of your best features.

Fitness for Midlife

Also choose GRACE one-on-one fitness expertise to enhance and ensure your natural grace as you move through midlife.

Don't Live in Toronto?

If you can't come in but want to start your Midlife Tune Up, ask about our detailed Grace Makeup for over 40 Booklaunching in 2016

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