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Defining GRACE


Makeup for Midlife is about helping you look fantastic, laugh lines and all.

Uncover, start with a clean face, enhance your best features, and embrace your beauty.

It's not about anti-aging. It's about aging gracefully. You’ve worked to attain a healthy lifestyle; you eat well, exercise regularly, and now it's time to shine with a new improved look and outlook.

The GRACE commitment embodies a holistic approach. GRACE is dedicated to encouraging wellness and vitality.

Founder Deborah Williams considers it a privilege to help women reveal their natural beauty. The GRACE philosophy is to uncover, enhance, and embrace the classic lines women naturally possess.

Deborah Williams
B.Phys.Ed. ACE, Can-Fit-Pro, Mat Pilates Certified

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  • Makeup by GRACE:
  • I had a consult with GRACE a few months ago. Imagine my surprise when I found out I was a summer (cool shades). I’ve since totally revamped my makeup and wardrobe colors—and look and feel much much better!
    Lydia Danner, Pharma Out writer-age 40+
  • I have found Deborah to be a skilled advisor. She helps me find makeup to enhance my looks and suit my age, and is warm, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Her teaching technique is very effective and very congenial. I love the makeup that she sells!
    Angela Swan—age 70
  • After one makeup application session with Deborah, friends (and even my husband!) asked me what was different… hair, lost weight?? Just applying make up in a totally different way made me look younger, more refreshed, and much more confident. Deborah makes you feel immediately comfortable and knows what women over 40 are looking for – no sparkly glosses or eye shadows!!
    Christine Nattrass—age 44
  • Body by GRACE:
  • Deborah is the ultimate fitness coach. She immediately understands how to customize a program after a series of concise questions. She was able to develop a quick (30 min) in-home fitness program that is motivational, gave me results in four weeks, and was easy to stick to. Plus her great sense of humor made her fun to work out with !!
  • I’ve never been in better shape, thanks to Deborah. Our workouts are always fresh, fun, and challenging. She pushed me to a new level of fitness that I wouldn’t have achieved on my own. Deborah combines many different program elements to work your body thoroughly and completely. Being in shape feels great!
    Wendy, Natural Nutritional Practitioner
  • Aside from it being incredibly convenient, Deborah made eight personal training sessions in my home fun and fast-paced, and showed me unique and challenging exercises with minimum equipment but maximum benefit.
    Deborah tailored the workout to help me achieve my goals, including toning up and increasing muscle development in my upper body.
    She also taught me that proper form and execution, especially with hand weights, is the key to effectiveness. At the end of our sessions together, Deborah left me with easy to follow routines to do myself.
    Marlene, Interior Designer & Artist





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